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Draw your route/ Kreslete své postupy

You can draw your routes in all stages on the web  - even if the introductory page is only in Czech the gadget itself works in many languages. If you get message about blocked Java you have to use following procedure and add the web to the Exception Site List - see at We do not run this server.


Již můžete zakreslovat své postupy na webu Pokud máte problémy se zobrazení Java aplikace, je nutné přidat stránku mezi servery s výjimkou - více viz - . Tento server neprovozuje Oddíl OB Kotlářka

Všechny výsledky/All results

All results are available now in the main menu.

Všechny výsledky najdete již v hormím menu.

GPS Tracking - links

Here you find the links for the GPS-tracking for all stages:


1st stage: 

2nd stage:
3rd stage::


Please, follow the fair-play rules.

GPS Tracking

Following competitors will run thein course with GPS (they will get them at start):

Adams Jenni (DEN), Čermáková Kristýna (PGP), Gregorová Kamila (CHT), Kraemer Jitka (GER), Křivancová Zdeňka (LBE), Valešová Jana (PHK), Wicha Ivona (POL)

Baier Martin (TUR), Dragowski Kuba (POL), Hadač Filip (AOP), Horáček Michal (VLI), Jørgensen Carsten (DEN), Kopec Tomáš (KRN), Kretzschmar Matthias (GER), Kundisch Wieland (GER), Melecký Martin (AOP), Mielec Jaromír (AOP), Navrátil Boris (AOP), Rychlý Pavel (KRN), Zelinka Jiří (MBM)

Bulletin 2 2014

Some statistics

This year participate in Prague Easter athletes from 18 countries. The most of them are from Germany. This year we have only racers from European countries. The firstly we have athletes from Luxembourg . Total is registered 397 foreigners.

On-line tracking of selected athlets

trackcourseThanks to company it will be possible to track 20 selected athlets from H21E and D21E classes on internet and also at the Competition Center there will be tent with projection of tracking. List of participants with tracking device will be available later.

Shuttle to start

Due to long distance of Friday's start and finish we have arranged shutle buses to take competitors there and back. Busses will go each 5 minutes and the CC - start trip will take less than 10 minutes.

All entries and payments are now in ORIS information system

All entries and payments were are regurarly updated in the ORIS information system. You can now check, if all is OK here in the system.

If something is not clear, be so kind and write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.